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    "What our members say is paramount. The support communities belong to you, we're only here to keep the lights on. We rely on the feedback and daily commitment of our members to create a positive support environment.

    And it's because of your incredible integrity and devotion the sites are so great.

    We appreciate and admire the work you do daily. Thanks tribe members - you keep us motivated!" - Best, The WebTribes Team

member testimonials

Member Testimonials


  • Depression Help"I am so glad I found this site. DepressionTribe has been a wonderful place for me to go to. I have met some wonderful people here and love all the features on the site too: the blogs, chat, your own personal web page, polls, etc. I know this site has helped me, and many others in this world to find peace, support, and common ground with one another.

    I have had depression, anxiety, paranoia, and delusional problems for years now. I never thought there could be anyone out there who felt like I did until I found DepressionTribe. It's a big community with thousands of members who can come together and receive support with anything they're going through. I have found that every member I've talked with has been very kind and it feels like one big happy family…l love to write blogs often so that I can feel like I am sharing a bit of my life with other people. If you're looking for support and understanding for any emotional problem then I would highly recommend this site." - Cheerfulrainstorm, KY

  • Depression Help"Since joining this site, my life has in many ways has become more stable. I've been through a lot in my short 19 years. Having to deal with all the normal crap regular teenagers go through [puberty, school, exams, growing up] on top of low self esteem, depression, suspected OCD, drug addiction, some self harm and rape, took a major toll on me. I walked away from it all hurt and confused. Then I still had my life to lead, which often becomes a struggle. I had no family and no real friends I could confide in. Cliché as it may sound, nobody really understood, or wanted to…

    This site is like an escape for me, somewhere to go after a long shift at work, or if I've had a bad day. I can voice my opinions, thoughts and worries without being questioned. It's only natural to turn to less 'conventional' means of support if it's not available in day-to-day life. Everyone here is so caring and understanding. I hope that one day I'll conquer my problems and make something of myself. DepressionTribe has been a great help to me in reaching these goals." - Thesockqueen, UK

  • Depression Help"I've suffered from depression most of my life and last October I was having a really rough time. I decided to go to the only Depression support group around here. The problem is that I am a shy person and almost all the people in the group were a lot older than me.

    So when I found DepressionTribe I fell in love with it. It's brilliant because I can talk with people my age. Plus, there are so many people who can offer advice or comfort AND you can get it at any time of the day-unlike the support group, where they meet only once a week." - Return2Sender, CO

  • Depression Help"The site has been really helpful to me. I am from the Philippines where Depression is not widely considered as a medical illness. Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist is considered abnormal in my country, people would think you've lost your mind. I joined DepressionTribe to better understand my condition. I was diagnosed in May 2005 with Depression and since none of my friends are allowed to know what I've been through, I turned to the site for comfort, not knowing that so many people all around the world have the same condition.

    Joining has enabled me to talk to people without being judged or frowned upon. I met several friends and I feel at home with them because. fFinally, here are people who actually know what I've been through because they've been there themselves. They put into words how you feel and you, in turn, can do the same for them. DepressionTribe has encouraged me to talk about the real deal. DepressionTribe has provided us a community to celebrate life with all its darkness and beauty." - Addict, Philippines


  • Anxiety Help"AnxietyTribe has helped me by letting me know that people out there really do care about me and, by letting me know that I have support while dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

    AnxietyTribe has also helped me keep in touch with others that are dealing with the same feelings that I am. And, helped inspire me to get better so that I may share my success stories with others and inspire those that may otherwise be hopeless.

    Thank You!" - Sorrowsmiles , CA

  • Anxiety Help"I am immensely glad that I found AnxietyTribe…my blog outlet is there now. I found people meeting each other online, and who totally understood and experienced what I was going through. With little understanding even from friends and family, when it comes to mental illness, half the battle becomes wondering who you can trust to really understand. It is this sanity; caring and support that AnxietyTribe online community continues to give me.

    I've visited several sites where they had forums on depression before finding AnxietyTribe, and while it was helpful, I think the strength of the tribe is that we can create our own page and permanent space, so we can get to know each other personally if we want to. Thanks, and I hope that AnxietyTribe continues to help lots of people." - Turqoise, New Zealand

  • Anxiety Help"I have found great comfort and support since finding AnxietyTribe. Beng a member on this site has helped me find the support that I needed from other members, and a chance to talk to people who are going through similar things as I am, and who understand what I am going through. It helps a lot to talk to other members, and I have found it to be a very supportive environment. Everyone is very friendly and it's like a small web community where you don't feel alone.

    AnxietyTribe has been an important part of my life and a huge step towards getting better." - Molly, Australia

  • Anxiety Help"This is a beautiful site and has made me realize the true nature of showing love and care to all those that are facing one terrible situation to another in their life.

    When you think enthusiasm, talk enthusiasm, act like an think enthusiastic person, then that is when your ability to find a true and long lasting happiness will be visible to you. Thank you for making me the happiest person on the surface of this wonderful earth." - Nelson, Nigeria


  • Addiction Help"I'm a grateful, recovering addict. I've found that in order to maintain and improve on this new way of life I have to stay involved with the recovery process. I attend meetings, work with my sponsor, and do service work as I can.

    I travel a lot, so I supplement my recovery by going online to and sharing the message of recovery with others that have problems with addiction. I've found the people here, that come from all walks of life and a variety of programs, come together in a loving and caring, and non-judgmental way and make a positive and healthy environment for sharing experience, strength, and hope. They offer real-life solutions to problems we all encounter in our day to day lives. I am blessed and feel honored to say I am a member of this 'tribe'. The gifts I have received from the people here are priceless... Keep coming back; it works if you work it!" - Bosndave, WA

  • Addiction Help

    "I really love being in the Tribe. I joined when it first started up and have made a ton of good friends from being on here. We are a people who share a common bond and it helps me to feel connected.

    I just moved out of state for the first time, on my own, and the first person I really hung-out with in my new town, I met on the tribe." - DevinD, LA

  • Addiction Help

    "My life now, being over 3 years clean is better then I could have ever imagined. Yea, I go through stuff, but that's life right? It's the miracle of staying sober through all the stuff that makes everyday worth living… To be able to experience what life has to offer and be able to feel again. When I get into my ruts, I reflect on my past and quickly realize that I do not want to ever fall victim to that again!

    I do what I need to do on a daily basis to ensure my sobriety for that day! I found this site back in October and I love it. I found that this site is a great place to meet people all over the world who can relate to exactly what you are/have gone through. It's almost as if it's a brotherhood or fellowship in it's own way. It's a great place for newcomers as well, to be able to see what life has to offer and to get hope from people who have been sober for a while! Thanks for the great work you all have put into making this work! Keep it up! " - Bryan, FL

  • Addiction Help

    "Thank you for the tribe. It helped me get out safe. When I help others it helps me as well. So keep up the good work, it's working. I have been a member of a 12-step program for 24 years now, and AddictionTribe is helping me and my brothers and sisters. I'm coming to know myself through applying the principles of my program. And when I can share stories with other members it helps us all.

    Thanks AddictionTribe. You're loved." - Flush, WA


  • OCD help

    "I've had OCD for as long as I can remember, and my condition worsened as I made my way through my twenties, reaching a point where I couldn't hide my compulsions anymore. I only confronted my OCD in October 2006 and, having began CBT therapy, and with the help of medication I am able to function better than I have for a few years.

    OCDTribe has been a real gem in my therapy; it provides a huge amount of advice and support, and brings lots of like-minded people together. A lot of sufferers have never known anyone who truly understands them, but this site has changed that. In addition to the support the site provides, it's a good way to make good friends, very good friends. OCDTribe is such an important website for OCD sufferers, it's hard to imagine life without it now." - Billdoor79, UK

  • OCD help

    "I was a little wary at first; I've never belonged to any other community sites… But the more I've used it, the more I've come to depend on the site for so many things. First of all, I've had OCD for over ten years now. My OCD was so severe the first several years, my physical health was in danger. I was eventually able to get to the point I am now, able to deal with the OCD and manage it for the most part by therapy, mostly behavioral therapy. But I've never had any support system; I've never had many friends or family members that could ever really relate to what I was going through.

    I've never experienced much empathy for my illness. That's why I have come to depend on the OCDTribe so much. I have made so many friends, and met so many others who have experienced the same things I have. It's nice to have a place to go and talk about the weirdness of OCD without judgment or recrimination. I actually wrote my thesis for graduate school on my struggles with OCD, and how I had found a place to share all of my insanity with others. I really am a fan of this site!" - Litgirl, TN

  • OCD help

    "I'm proud to be a member of OCDTribe. The site has helped me in many positive ways, which have proved to been a positive impact on my life. The support of the other members means a lot to me... OCD is a manageable illness, and with determination, support, and hope, you can control OCD, and live life how you want to live it.

    I use OCDTribe, as a way to support others, but also receive support when I need it. The site is a true blessing, and I am thankful for it being available for us." - Chris1981, CT

  • OCD help

    "I just wanted to say a big thank you for this site…personally coming here can be addictive because it's so helpful. Having other people in the same situation to talk to helps so much. It's good to be able to help other people that don't understand their OCD so much and also be helped.

    There are a lot of lovely people on this site and I've have made some great connections with other OCD'ers; which helps me smile everyday and lighten my mood when I'm feeling low about it...

    Just putting us in touch with other people like ourselves is a great help." - Lalaya, UK


  • Living with HIV Aids

    “I decided to join as a member, with some skepticism. I had joined several HIV/AIDS sites before, and none offered any REAL support as they had claimed. The first thing that stood out on HIV/AIDSTribe was, even before I had finished my page, other members had welcomed me by signing the guest book. Since then, I've found nothing but support and acceptance, not only for myself, but I see and read the support the members are giving to other members daily! Always words of encouragement, hope, and enlightenment! I've become friends with many other members on this site, and I actually look forward to waking in the morning to log on and say ‘Good Morning Tribe!’

    As with any site there are always a few ‘riff raff’ that manage to weasel there way in, BUT, and this is the BEST THING OF ALL about HIV/AIDSTribe, once you contact the site administrators, THE PROBLEM IS TAKEN CARE OF!! No questions asked, just BAM that quick! I've never experienced, on ANY other site what I do on HIV/AIDSTribe, and I'm forever grateful..." - Pozitively_dazd, MI

  • Living with HIV Aids"All I can say is Wow!! Since the day I joined, I have never looked back, what a credit to all those who make the site just a pleasure to be part of. The Tribe has become a very big part of my life, and I have to say, yes I have made some close and dear friends here.

    It’s the greatest place on the web to hangout whether, meeting new friends, offering comfort, receiving advice, from members who obviously enjoy and care about this community!!! A Huge thanks to all the Members who make this community such a joy to belong too and “Kudos to the site creators.” Thank for your vision, conviction and efforts to create this truly wonderful place for us to enjoy. " - Wide4u44, CAN
  • Living with HIV Aids

    "I sincerely have great commendation for this site. With this site have found so many assorted individuals across all divides, inspirational and non-judgmental. I have discovered I am not alone with feelings of resentment directed from others. Personally I think this site will benefit so many, offering hope instead of despair unity instead of isolation..

    I have gone from strength-to-strength emotionally from the stories and wonderful folks I have come across. It is not limited to either gay nor hetero, as I have friends on here that are both. I am so pleased to discover there are other folk out there, thousands in fact, a powerful source of energy and hope. Please come meet my friends on tribes!!!!!! They are all warm, sincere and with big hearts!!" - Treacle, UK

  • Living with HIV Aids

    "Since finding HIVAidsTribe, I have grown more and more at ease with life and with myself. There are so many wonderful people on this site and it is such a safe, supporting, and uplifting community, that I am proud to be a part of it.

    There are so many very unique stories and lives here, which shows us the best example of what our World is truly supposed to be all about. I feel the Tribe exemplifies what most of Humanity wants to see for the world at large. Compassion, caring, sharing, supporting, understanding, acceptance, and above all Love for our fellow being.

    Again, I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community and hope it will continue to grow. I will say that my hopes for continued growth of the community though, include hopes for fewer to no new infections." - Colorspride, MO